Summer Breeze Gift Basket

The relatively carefree days of summer are about to end. That doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze every ounce of joy out of what’s remaining of this balmy season. August is the month when work slows down and we travel to visit family and friends, take the time to enjoy sunsets and inhale the whispering fragrance of summer flowers. Granted, most of us may not be visiting Provence or a place with lavender and jasmine fields blowing in the background. However, herbal and floral-enhanced cocktails are a nice way to bring the tastes and smells of summer gardens into our lives this month. The “Summer Breeze” gift box contains recipes and other non-perishables needed to create the “Eau de Lavender” cocktail and includes a non-alcoholic drink for kids or adults who just prefer to abstain. Buy one for yourself, bring it as a hospitality gift to your summer weekend host(s) or send it to them as a “Thank You” after you have returned home.